The Team

Randy and Jana Hubbs have over 39 years of experience as investors in single and multi-family income-producing property here in our local market as well as in other emerging markets throughout the US and internationally. During this time, they also had successful full-time teaching careers which they retired from 4 years ago. They both hold Masters Degrees and have over 36 years of experience in their field. Jana’s career was spent in a variety of experiences teaching all levels of special education as well as holding several different administrative positions with the ESD, Pasco, Yakima, and Finley School Districts. This included 22 years as the Director of Special Education for the Pasco School District.
Randy Hubbs is currently a licensed real estate broker and with his wife, own Investment Housing Specialists, a boutique brokerage located in Kennewick, Washington.
Together, they began their real estate investing careers in 1979. Since 2001, their focus has been on buy and hold multi-family housing, but their experience has included “flipping” properties, value add, lease options, and property management. This, along with their strong knowledge of syndications, give them a unique skillset to be able to properly manage the Apple Brooke Income Fund LLC and develop strong, long-lasting relationship with service providers in Spokane Valley.