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is helping investors achieve their financial goals by making alternative investment funds accessible GLOBAL SUMMIT MANAGEMENT - REINVENTING THE WAY YOU BUILD WEALTH AND GENERATE INCOME - - Unlock the World of Private Investing -
Modern real estate investors seeking dynamic returns without the nuisance of daily management are turning more and more to private real estate investment alternatives.

A New Way To Think About Real Estate Investing

Global Summit Management’s objective is to offer qualified investors access to investment options that allow for diversification from the uncertainty of Wall Street and help you generate wealth.

Through proven strategies and methodologies, we provide sophisticated investors private investment alternatives shielded from market volatility.  Employing a two-pronged approach, we seek to provide prospective investors access to a fixed income commercial real estate investment paired with a social component.

Why Global Summit


We seek to avoid the unpredictable nature of the world markets and eliminate any unforeseen surprises for our investors by investing in commercial assets with a track record of providing consistent income. We focus on key opportunities that will allow us to meet the expectations of our investors and our stringent requirements to achieve our goal of consistency.


Fiscal transparency is the cornerstone to establishing investor confidence and long-term trust. Our commitment to investors is based on the highest standards of transparency. Global Summit encourages investor feedback and offers a monthly update to all investors and a quarterly in-depth report from our fund managers.


Our business purpose is two-pronged providing prospective investors access to a fixed income commercial real estate investment paired with a social component.


The Global Summit team is readily available to discuss our vision and operations. Being accessible is the key to honest and effective communications.


Our focus is to maintain a lean organization to maximize the growth of the company and provide our investors with generous returns. Maintaining lean operations allows us to adapt appropriately if and when it’s necessary.

“Nothing is more expensive than a missed opportunity.”


Reducing Risk Magnifying Returns

We help you BUILD WEALTH through high risk-adjusted returns.

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