Randy and Jana Hubbs, Principals

Randy is a real estate broker, investor, and fund manager with a base of operations in Kennewick, Washington. As “Investment Housing Specialists”, he and his wife Jana have almost 40 years of experience in single and multi-family income property. Aside from working in their local market, their focus has been on A and B class property located in emerging markets throughout the US and internationally.

Both Randy and Jana hold Masters Degrees from Central Washington University and also spent 35 years in the education field. Jana spent her entire teaching career as a special education teacher and administrator. Her knowledge and success in this field makes her uniquely qualified to understand the behavioral healthcare needs of affected children and their families and the current challenges the agencies designed to address these needs are facing.

Randy and Jana have leveraged their teaching experience to help others learn more about the principles of financial intelligence and true portfolio diversification by providing real estate investment opportunities designed to build wealth through passive income streams.